I'm currently a PhD student at ISI and Department of Computer Science of USC. I work at the PLUS lab advised by Dr. Nanyun Peng. Before coming to USC, I graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science in Computing and worked at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My main research interest is Natural Language Processing (NLP).




Honors & Awards

  • Champion and Most Innovative Award (HKSAR) - Imagine Cup (website | wiki), Microsoft, 2017
  • Outstanding Project Award - Best Capstone Project Award Competition, PolyU Dept. of Computing, 2018: only one in the Dept. of Computing
  • Silver Award - Hong Kong ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Awards (website | wiki) Student Innovation Award (Tertiary or Above), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of the Innovation and Technology Bureau of Hong Kong Government, 2018
  • Commercial Radio 50th Anniversary Scholarship, Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited & PolyU, 2017: only 1 in the Dept. of Computing
  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund Talent Development Scholarship, Hong Kong Government, 2018
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  • Winner - Hong Kong Techathon (website), PolyU and City University of Hong Kong, 2018
  • Graduate Representative for Valedictory Speech - PolyU 24th Congregation COMP Session, PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2018
  • Champion - PolyU Smart Computing Competition (website), PolyU Dept. of Computing, 2017
  • Best Creative Service Project - Youth Volunteer Service Conference (website), Agency for Volunteer Service of Hong Kong Government (website), 2017
  • CMA (The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong) & Donors Scholarship, CMA & PolyU, 2018: only 3 in the Dept. of Computing
  • UG Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship, PolyU International Affairs Office, 2017
  • Chinese Mainland and Overseas Activities Fund, PolyU Office of Student Development, 2016
  • Wong Tit-Shing Student Exchange Scholarship, PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2016
  • PolyU Exchange Scholarship, PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2016
  • Miscellaneous

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  • PolyU Subjects’ Materials Archive: Including projects, homeworks, assignments and review materials for my undergraduate subjects at PolyU
  • I’m from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the P. R. China
  • Inner Mongolia in Mongolian language