Mingyu Derek Ma

Mingyu Derek Ma

PhD Student

    UCLA Computer Science


I'm a PhD student at UCLA Computer Science Department working with Dr. Nanyun Peng at the PLUS lab.

My main research interest is natural language processing (NLP) and my recent research focus is developing a system that can learn how to organize events contained in unstructured information into generic event ontology which are able to benefit downstream event-focused analytics.

I was with USC Information Sciences Institute before transferred to UCLA. I received my bachelor's degree in Computing from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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mdma at ucla.edu   |     |   he/his/him
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July 3, 2020 The handbooks for ACL2020 that I helped assemble are ready and they're available in 24 timezones for the first time, check them out!
May 12, 2020 I'll move to UCLA with our lab this fall!

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  • SOHU.com

    Front-end Web Development Intern, Jun - Jul 2016; Shanghai, China


  • Outstanding Project Award - Best Capstone Project Award Competition, PolyU Dept. of Computing: only one in the Dept. of Computing , 2018

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  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund Talent Development Scholarship (website), Hong Kong Government , 2018

  • Silver Award - Hong Kong ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Awards (website | wiki) Student Innovation Award (Tertiary or Above), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of the Innovation and Technology Bureau of Hong Kong Government , 2018

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  • Champion and Most Innovative Award (HKSAR) - Imagine Cup (website | wiki), Microsoft , 2017

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  • Commercial Radio 50th Anniversary Scholarship, Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited & PolyU: only 1 in the Dept. of Computing , 2017
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  • Winner - Hong Kong Techathon (website), PolyU and City University of Hong Kong, 2018

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  • Graduate Representative for Valedictory Speech - PolyU 24th Congregation COMP Session, PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2018

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  • CMA (The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong) & Donors Scholarship (website), CMA & PolyU: only 3 in the Dept. of Computing, 2018

  • Best Creative Service Project - Youth Volunteer Service Conference (website), Agency for Volunteer Service of Hong Kong Government (website), 2017

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  • Champion - PolyU Smart Computing Competition (website), PolyU Dept. of Computing, 2017

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  • Undergraduate Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship (website), PolyU International Affairs Office, 2017

  • Chinese Mainland and Overseas Activities Fund, PolyU Office of Student Development, 2016

  • Wong Tit-Shing Student Exchange Scholarship (website), PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2016

  • PolyU Exchange Scholarship, PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2016