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Subject NameCodeSemesterA/A+
Artificial IntelligenceCOMP4431Fall 17
Mobile ComputingCOMP4342Spring 18
Biometrics and SecurityCOMP4134Spring 17
Web Application Design and DevelopmentCOMP3421Spring 18
Software EngineeringCOMP3011Fall 17
Chinese Language ComputingCOMP3133Spring 18
Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsCOMP3011Fall 17
Computer OrganizationCOMP2421Fall 17
English for Technical Project WritingELC3522Spring 18
Chinese for Professional Communication in ComputingCBS3242PFall 17

Artificial Intelligence
COMP4431, Fall 2017, Dr Yan LIU

Course Project: Training a RNN-based Chatbot Without Knowing Its Architecture ⭐

Abstract In this project, I was provided an interface to talk to the chatbot without knowing the inside details and structure. We are asked to train the chatbot and guess the structure of the system to achieve higher response intelligence.

Course Content Mind Map

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Mobile Computing
COMP4342, Spring 2018, Dr Wei LOU

Course Project: An Real-time Battle Android App for Surakarta Game ⭐

with: Tsz Ling CHAU, Kuo-Hao FU, Jinshan GU, Zhenyuan MA

Abstract In this project, we have designed an online mobile game named Surakarta for Android platform. It is an Indonesian strategy board game for two players and describes a unique method of capture pieces. The goal of Surakarta is to capture as many as possible pieces of the opponent and the winner will be the one left more pieces on the board.

User can use an Android phone as client side to play the game and Firebase as server side. They should connect to the Internet to using the Firebase and then the data transmission and update can be work on the real-time database.

When opening the game, users should sign up or sign in with their account (they can use Google account directly) first. They can create a new game room or just join an existing room then play the game. Also, there is a leader board to show how well other users play the game.

Course Content Mind Map

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Past Paper Answers

Assignment: A Survey on the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Systems

Biometrics and Security
COMP4134, Spring 2017, Prof. David Dapeng ZHANG

Past Paper Answers

Web Application Design and Development
COMP3421, Spring 2018, Dr Vincent NG

Course Project: A Banquet Management System ⭐

with: Yiran CHENG, Yufan ZHUANG

Assignment: Surakarta Game

Assignment: Gee Bee Game(Web version and Android version)

Software Engineering
COMP3211, Fall 2017, Dr Qixin WANG

Course Project: Software Debugger ⭐

with: Yiran WEI, Huakang ZHOU

Abstract In this project, we implement and improve two common debugging approaches: Tarantula and Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN). Symbol Counting program and sorting program are used in experiments which show both the Tarantula and BPNN can locate the bugs effectively within no more than 4 bugs injections. Besides, when the number of test cases increases, the performance will also increase for both two debugging tools.


Chinese Language Computing
COMP3133, Spring 2018, Dr Maggie Wenjie LI

Course Project: Stock Prediction with Daily News ⭐

with: Jinshan GU, Zhenyuan MA, Jerry Huakang ZHOU

Abstract Automatic trading with the ability of quick response to the environment is a huge need for the financial industry, the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning make this challenging topic realistic in recent a few years. In this project, we target at stock trend prediction task, and try to deal with this challenging problem using daily news posted on Reddit from a perspective of Natural Language Processing. We use traditional language features engineering approaches as well as deep learning method to increase the prediction accuracy. A automatic trading bot is also developed which connect to the prediction and classification model and utilize the carefully designed algorithm to make buy-sell decisions.

For the core classification and prediction module, we utilize several wellknown classification models such as Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Tree and so on to deal with the language features extracted using sklearn package. We also implemented and evaluated a Hierarchical Long Short-Term Memory Network method with pre-trained word vectors.

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Design and Analysis of Algorithms
COMP3011, Fall 2017, Dr Jesper JANSSON


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Computer Organization
COMP2421, Fall 2017, Dr Rocky CHANG

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Software part: PDF | Interactive Map | Source file 1


MIPS practice code


English for Technical Project Writing
ELC3522, Spring 2018, Mr Stewart SMITH

with: Haiyu CHEN, Xiating OUYANG, Jerry Huakang ZHOU

Chinese for Professional Communication in Computing
CBS3242P, Fall 2017, Dr Shanshan LIANG


Group Project: 二手名牌衣物買賣應用程式 產品商業計劃書及口頭報告

Teammates: Tsz Ling CHAU, Jinshan GU, Zhi Hao LI, Chui PANG

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